Harness the power of Chkfake

Harness the power of Chkfake

Win the Battle Against Fakes

Win the Battle Against Fakes

Our Products

One platform for users to verify any product. Make sure they have your brand to check as well!

Let your customers report a counterfeit  incident to you in real-time.

Chkfake’s powerful analytics dashboard helps target your enforcement action.

Chkfake Investigator enables transparency of on-ground investigations and enforcement actions.

Chkfake can provide its unique and proprietary platform with your branding.





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To our World. Where we fight counterfeits, protect your brand reputation and claw back your revenues


Chkfake Consulting offers strategic inputs to develop a holistic brand protection program

Brand Protection Strategy

Talk to us to develop a robust end-to-end Brand Protection strategy to clawback your revenue from counterfeits and protect your brand and customers.

Our Solutions

Counterfeit Threat Assessment

Helps you determine the scale and scope of counterfeiting your brand faces via a mix of internal and external study

Our Solutions

Anti-Counterfeit Technology Evaluation

We can help assess the most optimum, robust and non-copiable technology for you out of a variety of options to differentiate your genuine products from fakes

Our Solutions

Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

We also offer bespoke end-to-end anti-counterfeiting solutions to differentiate and protect your products from counterfeits

Our Solutions

Value-Chain Integrity Audits

Assess and address vulnerabilities in your value chain to block pilferage and infiltration

Our Solutions

Our Solutions



85% of all global transactions are made in cash. Counterfeit banknotes are a reality...Read More

Printers and Inks

Counterfeit ink can damage valuable equipment, known to block print heads, causing printer jams ... Read More

LPG Cylinders

LPG cylinders face a widespread practice of cooking gas being stolen... Read More

Mobiles & Computers

According to OECD, almost 19% of mobiles sold in the world are counterfeits... Read More


The impact of consuming fake medicine is disastrous, it contains toxic ingredients... Read More

Electrical Products

Counterfeit electrical products appear to be genuine, but do not meet performance and safety specifications...Read More

Auto Spare Parts

According to industry estimates, almost 40% of auto spare parts are counterfeit... Read More


India is home to a thriving fake market — growing 20% every year — where counterfeit garments, shoes, watches,...Read More

Industries we Serve

Agri Products

Sale of Spurious and counterfeit seeds, fertilizers, pesticides is a major challenge...Read More


FMCG Brands face a challenge in protecting their products on account of low unit costs... Read More


Why Us


Chkfake is the world’s only platform on which anyone can verify any kind of product anywhere. If you can hold it in your hands, we can verify its genuineness. That’s why users find us stickier, they can verify multiple products from the same app.

Verify Anything Anywhere

easy tech.jpg

Available free for users on Android as well as iOS, it provides simple and intuitive visual instructions as well as a powerful digital code scanner, making verification quick and easy.

Ease of use


Chkfake supports multiple languages, allowing users to engage with verification content in their own language.

Multi-language Support


No additional investment is required to upgrade your packaging/ security features to digital readiness. Now capture all verification interactions between your product and your customer digitally, and create a feedback loop for yourself.

Plug & Play Upgrade to

‘Smart’ Packaging


Chkfake is the only platform globally that can verify both Digital and Overt security features. On Chkfake, a user will know what an overt feature on a genuine product should look like, making it impossible for a counterfeiter to deceive a user. So far, apps have only allowed digital verification.

1st platform with Overt & Digital Authentication


If you want to give special access to additional ‘secret features’ to specific target groups (eg. to investigators or channel partners) or even limit your program just to them, use Chkfake Secure Access. It enables a secure login for a special class of users, and gives them access to verification information which is not available to any other user

Chkfake Secure Access


Real-time counterfeit alerts + Brand Dashboards for macro and micro level counterfeit insights & drill down capability for targeted enforcement actions.

Powerful Market Intelligence


Chkfake deploys stringent data security, ensuring that user data as well as Brand verification assets are protected at all times.

Data Security


Chkfake has a forward-looking technology roadmap which is constantly adding new functionalities and features in order to deliver sticky user engagement.

Constant Innovation


Access counterfeiting reports with drill down to location/incident/SKU levels

Customized Dashboards


Chkfake is readily available for consumers anytime, anywhere. 99.9% uptime guaranteed!

24x7 Support

Make investigators out of your customers. Enable them to Tell the Genuine and create your first line of defence against counterfeits.

Hire millions of investigators for free!

With Chkfake, it becomes easier to claw back your own sales from counterfeits. And protect your brand equity in the long term. 

Excellent ROI

Chkfake requires no expensive capex to implement. You can just list your existing security features on the platform.



Make your existing product packaging ‘Smart’. Capture all verification interactions between your product and your customer digitally, and create a feedback loop for yourself

Upgrade to ‘Smart’ Packaging

Chkfake Benefits

Get access to an ever increasing user base due to ongoing consumer outreach programs

Growing User Base

Chkfake Benefits

In-house expertise allows us to constantly improve user experience

Great User Experience

Chkfake Benefits

Chkfake Benefits


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Meet Our Team

We are FakeBusters! Our Mission is to free the world from the menace of counterfeiting. But we also like to have some fun while we lead the battle to protect consumers and brands against counterfeits.

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