Chkfake platform enables users to report a counterfeit incident in real-time


Chkfake mobile app allows users to report back crucial evidence of a counterfeit incident in real time to the Brand

What We do

How are we different

Chkfake has a reporting module that is highly flexible and intuitive, allowing users to report back on details of their counterfeit purchase to the Brand. They can identify the name and type of store, its geo-location, images of the counterfeit product, receipt, batch size or any other information of interest to the Brand.

Offering detailed evidence is crucial in any follow-up Enforcement effort. Gain access to real-time email alerts of every counterfeit incident, or an aggregated report if that is what you prefer.

Pricing Details

We recognize that brand owners face a unique set of challenges, which is why we create bespoke solutions to meet your requirements.

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