Access Chkfake’s powerful Analytics Dashboard to drive anti-counterfeit enforcement action


Chkfake allows you to gather counterfeiting market intelligence to make your enforcement program much more targeted and effective. Gain access to customized analytics dashboards with overview of scale of counterfeit threat to your products, and a drill-down capability by location/ brand/ SKU/ Incident

What We do

How are we different

Chkfake’s Analytics Dashboard is intuitively designed to offer a national view with heat maps showing scope and scale of counterfeiting, with drill-down capability by geography, brand, SKU down to a single Incident Report. It also offers a counterfeiting trend view, allows filters by time period and comparison against industry norms.

It is by far the most powerful anti-counterfeiting analytics tool available in the market.

Pricing Details

We recognize that brand owners face a unique set of challenges, which is why we create bespoke solutions to meet your requirements.

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