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Chkfake is a unique app that allows you to verify genuine products

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Now Identify Fakes With Ease

Having fake currency in your wallet is as good as walking around with a piece of paper - it has no value!

Chkfake is a hassle-free way to identify fake currency notes and save you from all the trouble.


Having fake currency in your wallet is as good as walking around with a piece of paper - it has no value!


Chkfake is a hassle-free way to identify fake currency notes and save you from all the trouble.

Have you ever noticed sometimes that your LPG cylinder finishes faster? Or feels lighter?

You might have a pilfered cylinder – maybe someone took out the gas before it reached you. Chkfake helps you detect a tampered LPG cylinder.

Imagine installing brake pads made with poor quality rubber, or clutch wire that breaks unexpectedly.


Fake Auto spares may lead to fatal accidents. Don’t risk your family’s life. Verify genuine spare parts with Chkfake before you buy!

From minor electric shocks to major accidents, counterfeit electrical products can prove to be lethal.

Its time you took your safety seriously. Verify electrical products you buy with Chkfake app.




Why Chkfake

The dangers of buying counterfeit products aren’t always obvious. Not only do most fake products threaten your health and safety, there is a larger impact on national security and economy.



Your Safety

Counterfeit goods are often very dangerous. The risks range from injury to even life-threatening situations


Your Health

Counterfeits aren’t about fake watches/bags anymore. Now it’s plastic in toothpaste, batteries that explode and medications that are ineffective. It’s a serious risk to your health.


Your Finances

With Counterfeits, while you pay for the original high quality product you end up with a low quality fake product!


Your Country

Counterfeiting is an easy way to earn money for organized crime. With low penalties and high rewards counterfeiters raise money for organised crime that targets your country with terrorism, attacks on its economy and law & order.


Your Values

Counterfeit products are produced in illegal sweat shops, many a times using child labour with no protection or safety for workers.

Do you want to encourage those running criminal enterprises? Think about it!


How it Works

In just a few clicks, you can find out if your product is genuine. Simply, Search + Select + Verify!

Chkfake app is available for download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It’s free for you!

Search for the product you want to verify and confirm with a simple click.

Scan the code (if available on product) or follow simple text and visual instructions to locate and verify different security features on the product.

Get the results instantly and save yourself from buying fakes. Share with your friends.

Be a FakeBuster! Join thousands of consumers in their fight against fakes, Report your findings to us and help build a safer community.





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Chkfake : World's First app that helps you identify genuine products in any category!


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Our Story

Incidents of people encountering fakes have been growing rapidly. Almost everyone we know has come across a counterfeit product. From fake currency, to fake shoes, to fake medicines, fake auto parts, fake alcohol, even fake ghee…Fake products are everywhere! And they can be really dangerous.

We struggled with how to verify genuine? And when we couldn’t find a decent solution, we decided to build one.

Once we started, we realized how big and deep rooted the problem was. We’ve never stopped since. Never looked back. We are on a mission. A mission to create a destination where anyone can verify anything. Where everyone is protected because everyone is able to #TellTheGenuine

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